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General Information

Our warehouse is located in Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China. It is adjacent to Hong Kong and Shenzhen International Airport, making it geographically advantageous and facilitating convenient import and export of goods.

In addition, our overseas warehouse facilities are strategically distributed in regions such as North America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe. We have established a global logistics backbone network with the capability for worldwide distribution.
Please refer to the following steps to get started quickly

1. Contact us and provide your business needs and requirements.
2. Our team will analyze your demands and offer customized solutions.
3. Register an account on our website to get an ID code for goods delivery.
4. Integrate relevant information for order fulfillment.
5. Send your inventory to our warehouse for receiving, inspecting, and inventory management.
6. We'll handle all order processing, including picking, packaging, labeling, and generating shipping labels.
7. Arrange appropriate logistics channels based on your needs to ensure timely product delivery.
8. Stay updated on order status through real-time tracking.
9. Our customer service team is available for support and inquiries.

Our fulfillment process is based on efficiency and accuracy principles to ensure timely delivery of your orders and maintain customer satisfaction.
Each product should have a unique SKU to differentiate between different products, colors, and sizes.

For example, if you're selling a dress in two colors (black and blue) and two sizes (S, M), the SKUs can be created as follows:
- dress-black-s
- dress-black-m
- dress-blue-s
- dress-blue-m

Please make sure each product has a scannable SKU barcode so we can expedite inventory updates.

Help & Support

We can assist you with eCommerce order fulfillment in the following ways:

1. Warehousing: We provide storage facilities for your inventory, ensuring its safety and security.
2. Inventory management: Our system helps you track and manage your inventory in real-time, optimizing stock levels.
3. Order processing: We handle the entire workflow, from picking and packing items to preparing them for shipment.
4. Shipping and logistics: We work with reliable shipping partners to ensure timely and efficient delivery of your products.
5. Returns and exchanges: We manage the process of handling returns and exchanges on your behalf.
6. Customer support: Our team is available to provide assistance and address customer inquiries.
Overall, our aim is to streamline your eCommerce order fulfillment process, reduce operational burdens, and enhance customer satisfaction.
We can assist with your Indiegogo/Kickstarter campaign in the following ways:

1. Crowdfunding fulfillment: We provide one-stop order delivery services, including receiving, storing, assembling, picking, packing, and shipping. Additionally, we take care of providing regular updates, addressing inquiries, and ensuring a positive customer experience throughout the fulfillment process.
2. Reward Management: We carefully manage and organize your campaign rewards, ensuring accurate inventory tracking, efficient packaging, and timely delivery to your backers.
3. Quality Control: Our team conducts thorough quality control checks on all products to ensure they meet the highest standards before shipping them to your backers.
4. Customization and Personalization: We offer customization options such as personalized packaging, thanks card, or special requests to enhance the unique and personal touch of your campaign.
5. International Shipping Expertise: We have extensive experience in international shipping, including customs compliance, documentation, and handling duties and taxes, to ensure smooth delivery to backers worldwide.
6. Returns and Refunds: We handle returns and refunds efficiently, providing a seamless process for backers who may need to return or exchange their rewards.
7. Data and Reporting: We provide comprehensive data and reporting on order fulfillment, shipping status, inventory management, and customer feedback to keep you informed and in control of your campaign’s success.

With our crowdfunding fulfillment specialties, you can focus on growing your campaign while we handle the logistics and ensure a successful and satisfying experience for both you and your backers.
We are a professional FBA preparation service provider dedicated to helping sellers efficiently and accurately prepare their products to meet the requirements of Amazon FBA. We have an experienced team and advanced equipment to handle the preparation work for various types and scales of goods.

Our FBA preparation services include the following aspects:
1. Product receiving and inspection: We receive your products and conduct quality checks to ensure they meet Amazon's standards.
2. Labeling and packaging: Based on the FNSKU and shipping labels provided by you, we correctly label each item and package them appropriately to ensure safe and intact transportation.
3. Product assembly: If your products require assembly, we can handle the assembly according to your needs and ensure that each assembled product meets Amazon's requirements.
4. Inventory counting and management: We conduct inventory counting of your products and use advanced inventory management systems to track and manage your inventory, ensuring accuracy and timeliness.

We are committed to providing sellers with high-quality FBA preparation services, helping them save time and energy to focus on business growth and development. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our services, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you!

Pricing & Billing

Initially, we offer 45 days of free storage for our first collaboration. Afterward, the storage fees will be determined based on the volume of goods and monthly spending. The cost will not exceed $20 per cubic meter per month.
Our pricing structure is based on the following factors:

1. Handling fee: based on the labor and consumable costs involved in the order fulfillment process.
2. Shipping fee: based on factors such as the weight, dimensions, and destination.
3. Storage fee: based on the quantity and duration of storing the goods.

It's fully transparent and has no hidden fees!
We strive to ensure competitive and reasonable prices while providing high-quality services. The specific pricing can be customized based on your business needs and service choices. If you have further questions or need a specific quote, please feel free to contact us.
Our warehouse management system will track and calculate each order record along with its associated fulfillment costs for you. You can easily retrieve your monthly bill by searching the records based on specific time periods.

Shipping Details

Typically, for B2C orders received before 2pm CST on a business day, we will ship them on the same day and upload tracking numbers within 24 hours automatically. However, the shipping time for B2B bulk shipments depends on the chosen shipping channel. If you opt for air shipping, it will be based on the flight date, while sea shipping will depend on the sailing date.
In general, if the declared value of the package is below the customs threshold of the destination, no taxes will be imposed. For countries where taxes are inevitable, we have tax advisors to professionally handle tax-related issues and provide declaration advice to minimize taxes legally. Additionally, most of our logistics resources offer door-to-door delivery, DDP service, so end customers don't need to worry about customs clearance and taxes.
Yes, when you need to cancel/hold an order, you just need to notify our sales personnel promptly. Our system has a reversible option at each step, and until the order shows a shipped status, canceled/held orders will be promptly returned to your overall inventory to ensure accuracy. Please note that once an order has been shipped, it is typically not eligible for return.
Once the order status is shown as "shipped," it cannot be modified or canceled. If there is a need to recall the shipment due to incorrect information, additional charges may apply. Therefore, please make sure to set up your address collection template as detailed as possible to ensure customers provide accurate shipping addresses and contact information. This is crucial to ensure that the goods are delivered accurately to the customer's hands.
If your goods are returned by consumers in unavoidable circumstances, our warehouse can serve as a free return address to receive the returns. After the return, the products will undergo thorough quality inspection and be categorized for re-stocking.
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